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Computer Relocation/ Disconnect Reconnect Service

We work with your company to streamline the relocation process and perform the following Services:
Consult with relevant individuals and teams to ensure that project requirements and schedule are met. Inventory and evaluate needs for a successful transition. Conduct a walk-through of your work environment and meet with facility staff to coordinate needs.
Document and disconnect devices that are scheduled to move; ensure components are tagged and peripherals are bagged. Reconnection of equipment at destination. We can verify functionality and connectivity where required. Cable management services (sleeving, raceway, trays, wire duct, carriers, wraps or ties) Quality check is performed, each system is assessed for appearance, compliance with documentation and functionally. Any issues of note are communicated to the point of contact as specified. Preparation of post move report to identify potential day one needs.

Wire Management

New office furniture is great but all the cabling that’s exposed is not. Let us help you clean up those cables, we offer wire management services that are customized for your exact needs. We have helped offices conceal their cabling while maintain functionality. Mounting surge strips under desks, installing cable trays and using wire management clips can do wonders to clear up the clutter of all the excess cables. We work with most of the system furniture out there and found solutions that look great, function as they should and are cost effective.

New System Deployment and Upgrading Hardware

Does your team need to deploy new hardware or upgrade components? We are here to help with new technology rollouts, we can make an overwhelming deployment stress free, we will attend meetings to coordinate schedules. We are here to help we have managed deployments on our own as well as assisted in specific tasks to complete deployments on schedule and on budget.

IT Support Services

We provide technical support for our relocation projects as well as projects that your company needs competed. Our team has executed complete hardware deployments to reimaging workstations and everything in between. As for relocation technical support pre and post move technical support helps ensure a successful and worry-free move. Early deployment of new devices, unboxing, monitor mounting, custom cabling solutions for ready deployment. Project management staff to assist with move planning and coordination. Experienced support technicians to troubleshoot common day one issues such as connectivity issues, setting up multiple monitor displays, and device communication. Assisting users in adjusting or optimizing physical desktop set up. System settings and configuration support printer and local device mapping.

Server Relocation Services

Our experienced staff can tailor level of service to meet a variety of server move needs:
Document server equipment and perform cable trace to map existing conditions and develop a matrix and rack plan for review Inspect destination server room for cabling, power, layout, rack compatibility and logistics. Label servers, cables and companion rails prior to relocation; perform digital documentation when necessary. Establish priority set up for essential servers and incorporate into move plan Un-rack servers, bubble wrap and secured on a machine cart to minimize vibration and movement. Perform decommissioning of defunct server rooms and components.


We provide weekly/monthly MAC services (moves, adds and changes) streamlining HR, workgroup changes within your company. We can move a workstation, phone, provision the extension and move the cross connect in the IDF. (whatever is required for an employee move) Remap printers and record assets for the equipment that moved.

Consulting/Project management

We provide upfront planning to help you get organized and professionally supervise every aspect of your technology, and or relocation project.